Best phones for mobile gambling in 2016

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Despite the fact that it is a fairly recent phenomenon, mobile gambling is becoming quite popular. A quite large percentage of online casino fans nowadays also play casino games on their mobile phones, at least occasionally, whereas some play on their phones more often than on their computers. A study conducted in 2013, predicted that by 2018, more than 160 million people all over the world will be using their mobile phones for gambling purposes. Casinos realised the potential of mobile gambling and started optimising their website and developing mobile apps. Most of the casinos offer apps for Android and iOS phones as these two operating systems dominate the market. And knowing that only iPhone uses iOS, whereas there are multiple phones that are powered by Android, it is not surprising that iPhone casinos top the list, when it comes to popularity.

iPhone 6s
Bearing that in mind the astounding popularity of the iPhone, its refined featured and the technical excellence provided by Apple, it is hardly surprising that iPhone 6s is the first phone on this list. There practically isn’t a mobile casino that doesn’t feature an iOS version, whether we’re talking about a website optimisation or a native app. Moreover, with its improved optimisation capabilities, using iPhone 6s is a guarantee that your mobile casino experience will be smooth, fast and hassle-free. The 2GB of RAM certainly help, especially when the games in question are more demanding. Apple introduced the new 64-bit A9 chip in order to make the performance a lot faster. When it comes to graphics intensive apps, Apple promises that the new chipset will deliver a 90% faster gaming experience. All of the above are more than sufficient reasons to list the latest iPhone as one of the best phones for mobile gambling in 2016.

Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy is probably iPhones arch-rival and one of the very few Android phones that can actually be compared to the iPhone. Samsung Galaxy S7 is by far the best Samsung model for mobile gambling. When we talk of Samsung Galaxy S7, we also include S7 edge as part of the same series. This model features an amazing 5.1” Quad HD AMOLED display which supports a 1440 by 2560 resolution and dual-pixel technology. The edge version features a 5.5” screen. It clearly features one of best displays available on the market. A sharp screen is definitely important, but so are other features and S6 performs well in other segments as well. The Galaxy S7 comes with a 2.15GHz or a 1.6GHz Quad-core processor. It also has 4GB of RAM. With these features, the Samsung Galaxy S6, and the subsequent versions, is definitely one of the best mobile gambling devices available in 2016.

HTC 10
Many expert and regular users rate HTC 10 as the second best Android phone available this year, after Galaxy S7. This phone is also very good for mobile gambling. It features a 5.2” quad HD Display and has a Unidbody design. It also has 4GB RAM and an 820 CPU Snapdragon. Sound effects can be very important when it comes to mobile gambling and the HTC 10 features a great high resolution audio features. It comes with a new, state-of-the-art BoomSound Hi-Fi Speakers and Hi-Res earphones. It’ll definitely be one of the top choices for this year. The best processor available for this phone is the Dual-core 2.15 GHz Kryo. With all these features, HTC definitely deserves to be included in this prestigious list.

Huawei P9
Huawei P9 is definitely the best Huawei phone so far. Many people were sceptical at first, but nowadays Huawei has to be considered as one of the best and most affordable smartphone brands. The P9 is powered by a Kirin CPU and that is nothing new, as all of their phones have been powered by Kirin. It has a 3GB RAM which is enough and will provide a smooth gambling experience. The screen is good with a 1080p panel and its size is 5.2”. It may not be as impressive as some of the other phones listed above, but it’ll definitely get the job done without a lot of hassle.

Playing in a controlled environment helps

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Gambling addiction affects millions of people in the United States. Even though males constitute a major part of people suffering from this disorder, more and more women are also falling to this disorder by participating heavily in gambling activities such as lotto, and card games and others.

It's hard to blame operators, even thought some don't act in a responsible manner when it comes to the players. Although there are many great gambling sites. See Paddy Power Home Page for instance, which is a perfect example of a responsible gambling operator, and works in conjunction with certified regulators such as Gamcare to ensure uphold a strict responsible gaming policy which protects the vulnerable and ensures gambling remains a leisure pursuit and nothing more, weather you play poker, roulette or slots, you should do it in a more responsible and protecting environment, and Paddypower's responsible gaming casino is a great place to do so.

A person needs to show a minimum of five symptoms to be diagnosed with gambling addiction. Some of the symptoms include poor impulse control with respect to gambling and refusing to admit about having a habit of gambling and other uncertain behavior.

The families of people suffering from gambling addiction are also suffering. This is mainly because the rates of domestic violence and child abuse are higher in families of gambling addicts. It is important to diagnose the problem of gambling addiction especially if a person suffering from the disorder wishes to get rid of the problem. If a person is unable to diagnose the problem, he/she will not be able to treat the condition.

Gambling is not all bad, and many people around the world enjoying playing the various casino games. It is very important to play at a reputable sites like Zynga, with controlled environment which supports the players in a much comprehensive way.

There are so many games available at All Slots Casino that you have the chance to try new games just about every time you visit. Play anywhere in Canada on your home computer or mobile device.

Top 5 Tips To Play Smart In Online Casino

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There are different types of casino games and you will find people enjoying all of them. Some enjoy games like blackjack and crap whereas you will find others playing immersive roulette and slot machine. Slot has been the favorite among all the other casino games. It is not because the game is easy but due to the reason that it allows you to play using small bankroll. Winning jackpot is also very easy in slot machines. If you have enjoyed the fun of winning casino games then why not try your hands in slot games with these tips which will help you walk away with the winning crown.

1. Most of the online casino provide bonus for players when they signup. While selecting website for playing live casino games online, check if they provide any such benefit where bonus can be earned. Some websites offer players club card upon signing up. You can use the card to track your wager and points. Once enough points is accumulated in the card they can be redeemed in form of gifts or other offers provided by the casino.

2. You must have control on your budget. Always select slot machine that fits in it. Make sure that you play with just the amount of money that you have kept aside for casino entertainment. This is essential because finally gambling is a game of chance.

3. Always play to the maximum credit of the slot machine in order to win jackpot.

4. If you are planning to participate in any slot machine tournament then just make sure that it is upon invitation. When online casinos invite their regular members to play tournament they offer certain benefits. These benefits will help you win the game.

5. Try playing using small wager so that you can play for longer duration. The smaller the wager the more number of games you will be able to play and the chance of winning is more. If you place wager with the whole bankroll you have and lose the game then either you have to put in more money in your bankroll or stop the game there. But, if the wager is small you can play more number of games.

Slot machines – amoung the most addictive games of all

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I have tried several casino games in my life, but there was only one that nearly got me addicted: slot machines. The slots are the most addictive games I have ever played, and I have tried them all (all Red Flush table games, including craps, although I could never understand that one, card games, video poker, you name it).

The slot machine is maybe the easiest game to play at a casino. It's easier than roulette - and that's something, trust me. It can also be an incredibly rewarding game, but it has a catch: the most frequent wins are usually below the amount spent by the player for a spin, so even if you feel like you are winning, your funds are actually decreasing quickly.

You just keep playing, and don't understand how your funds have melted without you noticing. The game is not just rewarding, but also available in an incredible variety. There are hundreds, if not thousands of online video slot machines available in online casinos, and many others can be found outside them. Even Zynga, the world famous Facebook game developer, has not one, but two collections of slot machines available for its users, that feel and look real (except for the money, that one is virtual).

Every slot machine fan can find at least one game to play with pleasure. It is easy to become addicted to slot machines because they are fun to play even with no money involved. I consider myself a fan, and play them with regularity. My brother asked me once "Why do you like playing this stupid game"? Well, to be honest, I don't know. There is something that attracts me to the slots, although I can't really put my finger on it. That is why I control my playing habits and resist the urge to play more often: to avoid becoming an addict.

Gambling addiction is a severe disorder, and it has to do with winning. Actually, problem gamblers are not addicted to the game itself, but to winning. It is similar to other impulse control disorders, such as kleptomania, and people who suffer from ludomania (the medical name of it) are also likely to develop other similar mental disorders, like drug related problems, personality disorders and similar.

A problem gambler can harm himself, his family and friends, and ruin his life entirely. First it's his own paycheck that goes down the drain, but later it is followed by money borrowed from family and friends. The addict first sells everything he can, taking the money straight to a casino, but later - at a more serious stage - he will steal and rob as well, just like a drug addict would.

My advice to you is that if you think of gambling too often, feel the urge to play at any time of the day, or notice any other symptom of addiction on yourself, seek help and avoid casino games as far as you

The Funny Bingo Card

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Bingo cards are the fun accessories people use when they are getting ready to play an exciting round of the game. In many versions, especially the most well-known classic version played in schools and church basements across the country, the cards are premade and are given at random to participants. In other versions, the players may have more say over what letter and number combinations are represented on their cards.

While many cards come on a standard stock piece of paper with plain backgrounds and slots labeled with numbers and letters such as E7 or G8, sometimes game players enjoy designing or ordering fun cards to celebrate particular occasions or just to make the game more entertaining. Here are a few popular versions that have been used.

Road trip Bingo

Keeping children, and even some adults entertained during a long trip in the car can be difficult. It is even harder when the questions of “are we there yet?” begin before the trip is even halfway completed, or when a chorus of “99 bottles of beer on the wall” begins and cannot be drowned out by the radio. In either scenario, various versions of road trip bingo can be the perfect solution. The pictorial representations of the slots make it easy for children and adults of all ages to play, and the competition helps to keep it interesting. The participants look to cross items off on their cards by spotting them out the window as they travel, with the first to reach bingo is the victor.

Award Show Bingo

Although shows such as the Academy Awards and the Oscars already come with a long list of drinking games and other entertaining ways to pass the time, bingo is another great option. The variety of bingo cards that can be played include spaces with clues such as “winner claims to have not prepared a speech”, or “Sean Connery sighting”. They are entertaining ways to keep an entire party laughing and having a good time throughout the show.

Bingo for landmark events or interviews

One popular bingo card that popped up on the radar was displayed during the famous interview of Lance Armstrong by Oprah. Many people tuned in to see if they would finally be able to get ‘the truth’ about what was going on. Since many people also felt that the whole situation was a little ridiculous, given the number of years that had passed, the number of lies and investigations done over the years, the bingo card was generated to give people an opportunity to have a little fun while watching the moment in history.

Jackpotjoy bingo not only is an entertaining game in itself, it also can be used to provide entertainment and poke fun at various events and situations. People enjoy being able to have a light hearted laugh, and these entertaining, original bingo cards provide just that opportunity. You can check bingo sites comparing and much more.

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