Lucky Finnish earns one of the biggest Jackpots ever!

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Biggest Jackpot ever by a lucky Finn

A Finn earned 17.8 million euros playing the small amount of 25 cents playing in "Mega Fortune”. This win has been catalogued by numerous authorities as one of the biggest jackpots in relation to gamble ever. According to the company in a statement shared today, the lucky one is a man in his 40s living in Helsinki. He made a bet of 25 cents on Sunday playing fun slots expecting the best, but no one could have foreseen the result. Between the small gamble and a fair share of good luck, the Finn took one a life changing jackpot with a value of 17,860,000 euros.

Guinness Records

According to slots news from PAF, an online gambling company based in Åland (Finland), which sponsors the Spanish Football League (LFP), this figure is more than six million euros than the previous Guinness record, set at 11.7 million. The lucky Finn commented to the media "When I won I felt it was totally unreal, I started laughing and then I began to mourn. Could this be true, I thought. So much money that I cannot even assimilate," said in an interview with Lucky PAF.

The lucky Finn also commented that he doesn’t know in what to spend the money in: "My first thought was that now I can help my family and make your life a little easier. And I'm going to buy a better car and hire a personal trainer to get in shape," he said.

Founded in 1966 and owned by the Government of Åland, an archipelago between Finland and Sweden, PAF devotes all its profits to charity. The company, which has offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, Madrid and Tallinn, has so far donated about 160 million euros to finance health programs, children's foundations, cultural and sports associations and environmental projects.

Information on the online bingo increased popularity

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Bingo is one of the oldest casino games of all time. While it is described as a game of chance, online bingo tends to challenge those perspectives by offering methodologies that could be used to schedule a bingo win. and weather you play it or not, it is widely reported that in fact, online bingo can be won through strategy though these are theories that need further verification as several experts still articulate that bingo is indeed a game of chance and luck.

Bingo can be traced back to various gaming venues back in Spain years ago. Some research information shows that they may even have existed as early as the 1500’s though credible information on the same was recorded back in 1530. In those years, beans were used during the rolls instead of dice or marbles. The realistic bingo as we know today can be traced back to 1929 in the US though there is more information linked to its history. Anyhow, the emergence of online bingo is everything that a newbie and an expert who has been playing the game on live casinos may want to know and furthermore its benefits. Well, online bingo as described is the version of the game accessible through computers, tablets and other internet activated devices.

The differences between the two platforms is that with one, you will be required to drive to the location meaning you would either be required to find a casino or a nightclub that offers such opportunities contrary to what an online casino offering the same game virtually would be presenting to the player. Although it is a game of luck, you need experience to win in bingo and thus why online bingo becomes the most influential method to practice and perfect your skills in the game while you prepare to either locate bingo rooms or a live casino to try them out.

The Changing Face of Bingo

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In the past, bingo was seen as a game that was played almost exclusively by the older generation, in community halls that were often smoky and rundown. In fact, it was less than glamorous, and the prizes were usually very small. People went largely for the social experience and to meet friends. Few know that the origins of the game go back very much further than the last century – in fact, to 16th Century Italy. It started as a lottery game, and was taken up by the French in the 18th Century, when cards, tokens and the reading out of numbers were added to the play. It was a small step to the first bingo game that we would recognize today – “Le Lotto” – featuring lines of squares with numbers in them. It took a traveling toy salesman at a carnival in Atlanta to pick up the idea of a similar game, develop it, and introduce it to his friends in the 1920s. Bingo was an instant success, and soon was being played across the US, and enthusiasm spread to the UK and Europe.

The major transformation of the traditional game happened with the introduction of online casinos on the internet. All the elements of bingo that have attracted players in the past have been kept, so the social element, for instance, where you can meet up with friends in bingo chat rooms and have a rip-roaring time is an important offering of sites like ladies bingo online. What has changed? Well the variety of bingo games that you can play for a start. Many bingo sites offer 75 and 90 ball variants of the game, along with a wide choice of chat room games. The size of the prizes for another. Many people play rather more for the fun and the social contacts that online bingo offers, and keep their investments small, but if you are interested in super-size prizes, there are plenty to be won. The flexibility that online bingo offers is great for either the stay-at-home or working mum, as you can play when you choose, rather than being tied to a particular time and place. And finally, the range of great deals on offer now make online bingo even more attractive. From bonuses when you join, to free bingo games, there’s never been a better time to enjoy bingo.

Playing in a controlled environment helps

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Gambling addiction affects millions of people in the United States. Even though males constitute a major part of people suffering from this disorder, more and more women are also falling to this disorder by participating heavily in gambling activities such as lotto, and card games and others.

It's hard to blame operators, even thought some don't act in a responsible manner when it comes to the players. Although there are many great gambling sites like paddy power for instance, which is a perfect example of a responsible gambling operator, and works in conjunction with certified regulators such as Gamcare to ensure uphold a strict responsible gaming policy which protects the vulnerable and ensures gambling remains a leisure pursuit and nothing more, weather you play poker, roulette or slots, you should do it in a more responsible and protecting environment, and Paddypower's responsible gaming casino is a great place to do so.

A person needs to show a minimum of five symptoms to be diagnosed with gambling addiction. Some of the symptoms include poor impulse control with respect to gambling and refusing to admit about having a habit of gambling and other uncertain behavior.

The families of people suffering from gambling addiction are also suffering. This is mainly because the rates of domestic violence and child abuse are higher in families of gambling addicts. It is important to diagnose the problem of gambling addiction especially if a person suffering from the disorder wishes to get rid of the problem. If a person is unable to diagnose the problem, he/she will not be able to treat the condition.

Gambling is not all bad, and many people around the world enjoying playing the various casino games. It is very important to play at a reputable sites like Zynga, with controlled environment which supports the players in a much comprehensive way.

There are so many games available at All Slots Casino that you have the chance to try new games just about every time you visit. Play anywhere in Canada on your home computer or mobile device.

Eyes Down … For the Future Technology of Online Bingo

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This article was written on behalf of, where people continue to follow up closely on every innovation and new trend involving the colourful balls.

Bingo’s already moved on a pace from the dusty halls and pier amusement arcades of the 20th century. Seriously, 21st century bingo has had to move with the technological times as more homes have gained regular access to computers and the internet, a whopping 21 million households in the UK (83%) in 2013, according to the Office of National Statistics, and has become an online gaming phenomena. Alongside the ease of playing in your own time and your own home, prime-time TV marketing has really helped to promote online bingo as in-house entertainment, but what does the future hold for online bingo?

On-line bingo platforms have already developed significantly from the early days of clunky download to responsive browser play. Hugely popular with those break-time gamers, Flash games in browsers offer fast-paced, real-time bingo games which keep up momentum and interest.

But part of the attraction of this real-time element isn’t just the games, it’s the rapidly rising role of online bingo as a form of social media. Chat games are prevalent, with savvy sites offering free games initially (but with limited chat) whilst depositing players gain access to the full chat and social community experience of the sites. This is enhanced as many bingo sites offer player incentives and bonuses for getting friends signed up to play and chat at the same time.

It stands to reason then that there’s significant investment in continuing development of the high level technology required to re-create the real-time community element of those old bingo halls, but with the modern international, rather than local, twist offered by the internet. It certainly pays bingo operators to invest in technology which not only allows them to tap into the bingo market itself, but also the largely female demographic (80% of online bingo players in the UK) to whom the whole package of colourful games, big jackpot possibilities and real-time chatting hold the great appeal.

And of course now that the majority of us have our mobile devices, to be a real competitor in the social media market place too, 21st century online bingo has to be mobile-friendly, because here-in lies the real future of both the technology and the industry. This has already been acknowledged by the Isle of Wight’s Microgaming Software Systems, creators of the first online casino back in 1994. Microgaming now provide online gaming software to over 100 casinos and bingo operators and continue their trailblazing with ongoing development of mobile and tablet-compatible software in a range of computing languages such as C++, .NET, Java, C# and, the stalwarts for those gamers with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android interfaces too - Adobe Flash and HTML5.

As such, in its short twenty years, Microsoft gaming has become a multi-million pound enterprise, with innovations in (and savvy anticipations about) technology to ensure that “players receive the richest possible gaming experience at all times, irrespective of hardware or location.” Clearly this “location” element is one of the latest and on-going areas of future technology. The quest to ensure the playability of their sites on mobile devices is a must for bingo operators who want to stay, literally, in the game.

Tucked away alongside this though, isn’t just device compatibility and development and variation of those bingo games and the lucrative side-games which all bingo brands now carry; innovation and investment is also needed in the technology for online bingo’s financial facilities. Encrypted software for financial transactions and data has long been a must for players’ peace of mind, so much so that many bingo sites which hastily offered games on mobile platforms seemed to forget about the financials and as a result still require their players to sign in via desktops and PCs to make their deposits, inconvenient to say the least for gamers on the go.

So, future technological advances must include development of convenient, but secure deposit methods on those mobile interfaces. It’s probably no coincidence that online financial giants PayPal have also invested heavily in creating their own app for mobile payments and many bingo sites (particularly those aimed at UK players) are now also accepting Paypal.

In all, the technology has made online bingo possible but as every advance or trend in technology comes along, online bingo operators and software developers have to stay eyes down to stay game on!
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