Online Bingo: Know when your number’s up!

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Lots of us like to play online bingo but, like any other form of gambling, it’s really important not to get addicted to it and start spending money we can’t afford to. Whilst online bingo sites are in business to make a profit, they always encourage their members to treat playing bingo as a means of having fun and to gamble responsibly. Indeed, happy, regular players are the aim of all online bingo sites, and they don’t want the kind of member who will gamble away the monthly mortgage payment or their savings in a frenzy that will culminate in an appearance on the Jeremy Kyle show. To make sure you can enjoy online bingo on a regular basis without getting into any sort of money worries – simply follow the five steps below

Learn The Rules – Although bingo rules are pretty easy to learn (much easier than casino rules), still make sure you take the time to understand them completely before playing for money. Thankfully many online bingo sites let you play games for free for a limited period which you familiarise yourself with the different kinds of games there are such as 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo, whilst some sites also have their own speciality games. Many online bingo sites also have FAQ’s and help or support pages, whilst many also have life chat-hosts that you can talk to if you have any questions or problems. Many also have online communities, chat-rooms and forums where you’ll find loads of other bingo players who will happily chat about their own experiences and offer you advice on all sorts of things.

Gamble What You Can Afford – It’s easy to get carried away whether it’s drinking, shopping or anything else that offers the potential to be addicted, but by setting yourself a budget and sticking to it you should be able to avoid any chance of getting addicted to online bingo. The best way to think about online bingo is to treat playing as a day/night out and set yourself a budget of how much you’re willing to spend before you start playing. If the alternative was a night out at the cinema and it was going to cost twenty pound – the deposit twenty pound in your account and no more.

Avoid Temptation – If you lose the amount of money you’ve budgeted there is always the temptation to try and win it back by depositing more money into your account – but never do it. Sure, it’s possible that you could win back your original deposit; and perhaps a jackpot on top – but there’s certainly no guarantee. Just imagine you lose the mortgage money or even just a small amount that you’ve budgeted for night out with your friends. You’ll regret it becauseyou won’t be able to go and then you’ll hate yourself and probably deprive yourself of the joy of playing online bingo forever – which isn’t something you or your online bingo site wants to see happen.

Set A Time – Never forget you’ve got other commitments in life, commitments like work and family that playing online bingo shouldn’t affect. Even if you’re on a winning streak – stop whilst you’re ahead and treat yourself or your family to something nice with the winnings.

Get Your Friends Round

As bingo is at heart a social game it’s a great idea to get your mates round to share the joys of online bingo with you. Friends are also a great support network to keep each other in line with regards to budgeting and time restrictions. If you’re playing on your own, don’t forget you can make loads of new friends in the online communities and chat-rooms.

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