The Funny Bingo Card

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Bingo cards are the fun accessories people use when they are getting ready to play an exciting round of the game. In many versions, especially the most well-known classic version played in schools and church basements across the country, the cards are premade and are given at random to participants. In other versions, the players may have more say over what letter and number combinations are represented on their cards.

While many cards come on a standard stock piece of paper with plain backgrounds and slots labeled with numbers and letters such as E7 or G8, sometimes game players enjoy designing or ordering fun cards to celebrate particular occasions or just to make the game more entertaining. Here are a few popular versions that have been used.

Road trip Bingo

Keeping children, and even some adults entertained during a long trip in the car can be difficult. It is even harder when the questions of “are we there yet?” begin before the trip is even halfway completed, or when a chorus of “99 bottles of beer on the wall” begins and cannot be drowned out by the radio. In either scenario, various versions of road trip bingo can be the perfect solution. The pictorial representations of the slots make it easy for children and adults of all ages to play, and the competition helps to keep it interesting. The participants look to cross items off on their cards by spotting them out the window as they travel, with the first to reach bingo is the victor.

Award Show Bingo

Although shows such as the Academy Awards and the Oscars already come with a long list of drinking games and other entertaining ways to pass the time, bingo is another great option. The variety of bingo cards that can be played include spaces with clues such as “winner claims to have not prepared a speech”, or “Sean Connery sighting”. They are entertaining ways to keep an entire party laughing and having a good time throughout the show.

Bingo for landmark events or interviews

One popular bingo card that popped up on the radar was displayed during the famous interview of Lance Armstrong by Oprah. Many people tuned in to see if they would finally be able to get ‘the truth’ about what was going on. Since many people also felt that the whole situation was a little ridiculous, given the number of years that had passed, the number of lies and investigations done over the years, the bingo card was generated to give people an opportunity to have a little fun while watching the moment in history.

Jackpotjoy bingo not only is an entertaining game in itself, it also can be used to provide entertainment and poke fun at various events and situations. People enjoy being able to have a light hearted laugh, and these entertaining, original bingo cards provide just that opportunity. You can check bingo sites comparing and much more.

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