Lucky Finnish earns one of the biggest Jackpots ever!

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Biggest Jackpot ever by a lucky Finn

A Finn earned 17.8 million euros playing the small amount of 25 cents playing in "Mega Fortune”. This win has been catalogued by numerous authorities as one of the biggest jackpots in relation to gamble ever. According to the company in a statement shared today, the lucky one is a man in his 40s living in Helsinki. He made a bet of 25 cents on Sunday playing fun slots expecting the best, but no one could have foreseen the result. Between the small gamble and a fair share of good luck, the Finn took one a life changing jackpot with a value of 17,860,000 euros.

Guinness Records

According to slots news from PAF, an online gambling company based in Åland (Finland), which sponsors the Spanish Football League (LFP), this figure is more than six million euros than the previous Guinness record, set at 11.7 million. The lucky Finn commented to the media "When I won I felt it was totally unreal, I started laughing and then I began to mourn. Could this be true, I thought. So much money that I cannot even assimilate," said in an interview with Lucky PAF.

The lucky Finn also commented that he doesn’t know in what to spend the money in: "My first thought was that now I can help my family and make your life a little easier. And I'm going to buy a better car and hire a personal trainer to get in shape," he said.

Founded in 1966 and owned by the Government of Åland, an archipelago between Finland and Sweden, PAF devotes all its profits to charity. The company, which has offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, Madrid and Tallinn, has so far donated about 160 million euros to finance health programs, children's foundations, cultural and sports associations and environmental projects.

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