The Changing Face of Bingo

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In the past, bingo was seen as a game that was played almost exclusively by the older generation, in community halls that were often smoky and rundown. In fact, it was less than glamorous, and the prizes were usually very small. People went largely for the social experience and to meet friends. Few know that the origins of the game go back very much further than the last century – in fact, to 16th Century Italy. It started as a lottery game, and was taken up by the French in the 18th Century, when cards, tokens and the reading out of numbers were added to the play. It was a small step to the first bingo game that we would recognize today – “Le Lotto” – featuring lines of squares with numbers in them. It took a traveling toy salesman at a carnival in Atlanta to pick up the idea of a similar game, develop it, and introduce it to his friends in the 1920s. Bingo was an instant success, and soon was being played across the US, and enthusiasm spread to the UK and Europe.

The major transformation of the traditional game happened with the introduction of online casinos on the internet. All the elements of bingo that have attracted players in the past have been kept, so the social element, for instance, where you can meet up with friends in bingo chat rooms and have a rip-roaring time is an important offering of sites like ladies bingo online. What has changed? Well the variety of bingo games that you can play for a start. Many bingo sites offer 75 and 90 ball variants of the game, along with a wide choice of chat room games. The size of the prizes for another. Many people play rather more for the fun and the social contacts that online bingo offers, and keep their investments small, but if you are interested in super-size prizes, there are plenty to be won. The flexibility that online bingo offers is great for either the stay-at-home or working mum, as you can play when you choose, rather than being tied to a particular time and place. And finally, the range of great deals on offer now make online bingo even more attractive. From bonuses when you join, to free bingo games, there’s never been a better time to enjoy bingo.

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