An Overview of Gambling Addiction

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affects around 2-5% of people in the United States. The signs and symptoms of gambling addiction may differ between males and females as well as between teenagers and adults. Though men comprise of a major part of people suffering gambling addiction, more and more women are joining the league and the fact is women’s symptoms worsen faster once they develop compulsive gambling or gambling addiction. Schizophrenia, antisocial personality disorder, mood problems and drug addiction are some of the risk factors of gambling addiction. A person should show at least five symptoms mostly related to the impulse control when it comes to gambling to be termed as suffering from gambling addiction. There are many treatments for gambling addiction. Some of these include medication, psychotherapy, and financial counseling and self-help techniques. However, in some cases, gambling addiction resolves on its own with time but leaves some devastating effects in the life of the person. These were some of the basic facts about gambling addiction. If you are one of those people suffering gambling addiction, then there is no need to worry as you can easily get rid of it by undergoing some simple treatment options. As far as online gambling, there are many websites who operate in a responsible manner when dealing with gambling, and online gambling.

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