How to know if you suffer from gambling addiction

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Many people suffering from gambling addiction never accept the fact that they suffer from gambling addiction. This is mainly because they are unaware of the fact that excessive gambling can lead to gambling addiction. If you are also one of those people then here are some things that will help you to know whether you are really suffering from gambling addiction. People who usually suffer from gambling addiction mostly take off to engage in gambling activities such as sports bets, playing online poker and others. If you lie that you don’t visit betting shops frequently or play gambling sports on the Internet when you actually do then you are suffering from gambling addiction. Some of the people who engage in gambling activities despite losing regularly are also categorized into gambling addicts. Do your loved ones tell you to stop your gambling activities as you are doing it quite frequently? If you answer this question in the affirmative then you must know that you are suffering gambling addiction. These were some of the things, which you need to notice in yourself, as it will help you to know whether you are really a gambling addict or not.

Gambling Addiction

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Online casinos are aware of the harm that can be caused to individuals and families by an unchecked gambling addiction; this is of concern worldwide, but the figures on gambling addiction in the USA for instance, make particularly startling reading. It is for this reason that the industry has taken steps to ensure that reputable, licensed casinos all have responsible gaming policies in place and to which they adhere.

Therefore, a casino that takes responsible gambling seriously will have clear policies that are in line with the casino’s licensing guidelines and those established by international accreditation agencies such as eCogra. Part of this responsible approach will include providing players with support and access to services in order to address problems, such as online links or freephone telephone numbers to charities and gambling support organisations that help to counsel problem gamblers.

In addition, online casinos should offer players self-exclusion periods (minimum 6 months) and cooling off periods (minimum 24 hours) as a means of enabling players who identify themselves as having a problem time away from the casino in order to seek help. As further support, a reputable online casino will also help players to establish limits on the amount of money they can deposit into their accounts (either daily, weekly or monthly) or, if necessary, work with a player or to lock their accounts (or the accounts of family members) for set periods of time.

A further part of a casino’s responsible gaming policy also concerns their approach to under-age gambling. Therefore, players should only play at casinos that have verification checks when they open a new account, so the casino can check the person opening the account is over 18 years of age. A casino that doesn’t have these checks in place is not one that can be trusted to take its responsibilities to tackling gambling addiction seriously. In addition, a casino with a proper responsible gambling policy will also provide its players with links where they can download filters that stop children from accessing gaming sites. As an example of an online casino that has an effective and clear responsible gaming policy, players are advised to visit Online Casinos.

Online gaming is intended to be a fun and enjoyable pastime, but the industry does recognise that in some instances players play with money they can’t afford, or find themselves unable to control their gambling to the extent that it becomes an addiction. In this situation, reputable online casinos have mechanisms in place that can help a player to prevent their problem from growing worse, and so players should always avoid online casinos that don’t take their responsibilities in this regard seriously.

If you are concerned that you might face a potential problem with an addiction to gambling, there are some very useful guidelines to bear in mind. Remember that gambling in an online casino is meant to be a form of entertainment, not an income. If you do play online, than please visit the Home Page for more guidelines on safe play, and keep track of how much money and time you spend, and don’t play with money you can’t afford or chase your losses.

The Growing Trend of Mobile Gambling

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Gambling is diversifying. Native American Casinos and increasing legalization on state levels are making gambling more accessible in America than ever before, but so is something else: online gambling. As more in-person gambling locations open up, people continue to use online resources to achieve the same end.

Recently, this has taken a further step than just at home on your computer. Like everything else, gambling is becoming a mobile concept. Whether you’re updating your fantasy team on the go or putting in a bet on the big game, there are apps and websites that allow all kinds of bets to be placed from wherever you are.


International online gambling revenues are valued at $32 billion (that’s billion with a B) and are estimated by Juniper Research to exceed $100 billion by 2017. This doesn’t specify the percentage of which that is done from mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets. Currently, Zynga, the company responsible for such games as Farmville and its ilk, Maffia Wars and Words with Friends launched a real money gambling site in the U.K. in 2012 which had 770 million Euro in revenue inthat year. Several international sports book companies have several legal agreements in the US that allow them to operate in the country while based overseas.

Back in 2005 The Guardian reported about the growing mobile gaming trend. In the article it states, “Java-enabled graphics, colour-filled screens, technology that invoices on the monthly phone bill, and 3G networking combine to provide a service that rivals traditional gambling methods.” If this is true, then why haven’t we heard of any mobile gambling apps in the states in the nine years since the report?

Federal Prohibition

In 2006 the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was signed into law and used to aggressively pursue several online gambling groups. One of the most notable cases was U.S. v. Scheinbergin which PokerStars online casino and two other defendants settled with prosecutors for the forfeiture of more than $731 million. These actions all but shuttered the internet gambling business and preempted the possibility of mobile, real-money gaming in the USA. This is largely because the internet is inherently available across state lines. However, there are signs that mobile gaming will eventually come to involve real-money gambling.

State Based Legality

States like New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada have gotten around this prohibition through a minor loophole. The UIGEA doesn’t regulate internet casinos that operate entirely within the boundaries of an individual state. Slate reports on the formation of an agreement between Delaware and Nevada that allows residents of either state to use sites that are operated in each other’s borders.

Slate goes on to predict that other states will be interested in establishing their own legal online casinos and seek to join the agreement. If this comes to pass it would create a situation in which developers could create applications that will utilize this framework in any states that join the party. From there, the UIGEA would be applicable only to states that decline to join and create a situation that de facto eliminates the agreement.

If this is all true, the creation of online casinos accessible by smart phone or tablet application is around the corner and dependent on the willingness of state legislators. There would be a distinct willingness on the part of many game developers like Zynga, or anyone in the $12-billion mobile gaming industry, to create a programming framework for the states by which this could happen. Currently, it’s great news for anyone who wants to gamble outside of a brick and mortar casino in places like New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware but will likely come to include those who want to game on the go in those locations.

Overall, the outlook is good for anyone who’s interested in mobile online gaming as it promises to grow as individual states seek to get a piece of the pie. However, in spite of the unavailability of mobile gaming, or online gaming in general, in most locations there are still several poker and sports betting sites, to use. Interstate gambling may come to be a powerhouse as people continue to get access to it but there also may be a fight to be had between the Federal government and state governments regarding the potential application of UIGEA to these new interstate agreements.

Top 3 incredibly useful poker apps that will change the way you play

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Poker apps can really increase your playing skill and make it easier to win those big hands. There are some very useful features, and thousands of apps out there, but we have picked the top three of the most beneficial releases.

With this modern age of smart phones becoming more complex and powerful every single day, there are fantastic apps getting developed and released at a rate of knots.

Take advantage of the plethora of electronic devices and apps that are available to improve your game – you can bet that your opponents probably already are!

Top 3 Apps

• My Stack

A poker chip calculator that is popular with both professionals and novices. Log on to the network and you can leave comments, talk to the other users and even share photos.

The best feature of this app allows you to update your chip stack, and keep up to date with how much you have spent or won.

The app is absolutely perfect for playing in tournaments, when you can be playing intensively for eight hours or more.

It helps you keep track of what’s going on the table, when you perhaps don’t have the time and energy to think about all aspects of the game. It means you can focus on the stuff that matters – winning. Download it from here.

• Hold ‘Em Genius

This is one of the more pricey poker apps available, but one that allows a free trial so you can try before you buy.

Although it may seem like an expensive investment, if you are a beginner or intimidate player at the Texas Hold ‘Em pokerstyle and you want an app that is really going to make a difference to the way you play - the Hold ‘Em Genius is perfect for you.

One of the most complex hand assessment apps that is available, Hold ‘Em Genius will tell you the odds of winning, potential poker hands that you can play, and the possible options of the other players at the table.

Although the basic software itself may be free, there is a charge to gain access to the full account. Once you pay, you have an account for a whole year, so you can use it as many times as you want or need. Download it here.

• PKR 3D

Really, the best and most advanced poker app around. There are so many convenient options, like being able to play in 3D realism with full customization.

PKR is one of the top poker websites in the UK, and is much more geared up to the European market rather than the US one.

Play for real money in a setting that is full of players from all talents and levels. And it really is the most realistic game face that you are going to get outside of actually real life playing.

You can play on a variety of devices including tablet, phone and laptop – you so can play every day, anywhere you want.

The Time is Right for Gambling Addiction Treatment

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With the proliferation of gambling on the Internet, a corresponding need for treatment facilities for compulsive gamblers has become apparent. Compulsive gambling is a disease, every bit as devastating as drug addiction and alcoholism. In some ways, compulsive gambling is a bit more sinister.

With substance abuse, there are undeniable physical signs of addiction. The effects of compulsive gambling are more subtle. The attack is directed more towards psychology and the wallet. Of course, the results of any kind of addiction includes loss of family, friends, money, personal belongings, safety, freedom and/or self-respect.

It is very important to be careful not to condemn the gambling industry because of issues related to compulsive gambling. Gambling is perfectly legal and a legitimate form of entertainment for those people who can do it responsibly. There will always be individuals who are prone to some type of compulsive behavior and the excitement produced by gambling lends itself to someone losing control.

Gambling is not going away anytime soon. In fact, the availability of gambling is increasing exponentially as more jurisdictions legalize all forms of gambling as a means of garnering tax revenues. What is needed to counteract the possible effects of gambling on society and the compulsive gambler is education and an increase in treatment options.

It is incumbent on gaming providers and lawmakers to help educate the public on the possible signs and effects of problem gambling. There must be a willingness on the part of gaming providers to say "no" to potential compulsive gamblers, much the same way as a bartender will say "no" to a drunk. On top of that, responsible gambling should be promoted and gaming providers should try to discourage gamblers from gambling and betting too much. There also needs to be laws in place to help family members protect their addicted love ones from creating more destruction in their lives.

The most important improvement needed is the availability of treatment options for compulsive gamblers. There are numerous support groups such as Gamblers Anonymous that provide some support and guidance for people who are combating a gambling problem, But, these groups are not prepared to deal with the psychological and personal aspects of the disease. The world is desperately in need of more trained mental health professionals to help address the causes and effects of this disease. This need extends to the need for more inpatient facilities for the treatment of gambling addiction.

There are no quick fixes to problem gambling for the individual inflicted with this horrible disease. The treatment and arresting of this disease will require unrelenting diligence plus the undying support of family friends and a responsible gambling industry that cares about more than the bottom line.
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