Gambling addiction statistics

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Here, we are going to look at some of the statistics about gambling addiction.

According to a study conducted in the United States, it was found out that around 2.5 million adults suffer from gambling addiction whereas 15 million people are under the risk of developing this disorder.

• The Gambling addiction index reveals that around 80 percent or above adults of the nation is engaged in some or other kind of gambling activity at least once in their lives.

• In terms of money, Americans have spent $500 billion on wagers. In addition, 2.9 percent adults of all the entire adult population fall in the category of gambling addicts.

• Gambling addiction is common among Caucasian Americans as against Hispanic Americans or African Americans.

• Research has also shown that drinkers have a high risk of developing gambling addiction than those who don’t drink.

• Families with people suffering gambling addiction have increased number of domestic violence, child abuse.

• These were some of the basic statistics about gambling addiction. Researchers are still trying to know the main cause behind gambling addiction and are working towards understanding the psychology behind a person engaging in excessive gambling activities.

Causes of gambling addiction

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In reality, there is no one specific cause for gambling addiction. The disorder, which is also sometimes referred to as pathological gambling mostly occurs due increased activity of chemical messenger dopamine in the brain, which is regarded as the main culprit. Some of the emotional conditions, ways of thinking, social stressors and combination of biological vulnerabilities are considered one of the known causes for gambling addiction. Apart from these, there are certain elements that increase the chances of an individual of developing gambling addiction.

Some of these elements or risk factors that increase the chances of developing gambling addiction in an individual include mood problems, schizophrenia, alcohol or cocaine addiction, antisocial personality disorder and others. In addition, the chances of developing gambling addiction are higher in people who have low levels of serotonin in their brain. However, there is still no specific cause identified behind a person developing gambling addiction, the elements mentioned above are some of the risk factors and causes that may lead to gambling addiction in a person. People with all these characteristics are at a higher risk of developing this unique disorder known as gambling addiction. Also the online availability can enhance the problem, so weather one play poker, roulette, blackjack or monopoly online, he should always be aware of the risks involved, especially if he have the characteristics mention above.

Tired of Losing in Poker ? Switch to Bingo, Now.

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Some facts about bingo which the average poker player doesn't know:

Every one of us loves to play bingo. This is mainly because of all the fun and excitement that comes while playing the game. However, have you ever wondered about the genesis of this game? If no, then following facts about bingo will help you to have some basic knowledge about the game which all of us like to play:

• The game of bingo was first played by the French. The French were the first to use the bingo playing cards, reading the numbers out loud and use the tokens.

• As many as eight percent of the world population plays bingo

• Females comprise a larger part of world population who play bingo. As many as 10 percent of the women population and 5% of the men population play bingo

• There is a ‘caller of the year competition’ wherein the bingo callers compete against each other for a two-week holiday.

• Hollywood celebrities are also fond of bingo. Some Hollywood celebrities who love to play bingo include Robbie Williams, Catherine Zeta Jones and Denise Van Outen.

Canadian government taking steps to legalize single game betting

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It is estimated that approximately $10 billion is spent by Canadian citizens on sports betting, and none of it is actually controlled by the government. While there is a legal sports lottery in the country that Canadians can bet on, it only totals about $450 million in wagers. A law to strike down the current statutes could change all that.

A bill introduced by a member of the Canadian Lower House of Parliament was introduced in late September 2011 that would strike down the current law that bans single game sports betting. Once the Lower House votes their approval, it would be passed onto the Upper House (Canadian Senate).

Unlike in the United States, where the Senate membership is voted on, senators in Canada are generally appointed by the Prime Minister as favors granted. An appointment in the Canadian Senate can literally last a lifetime, unless someone does something unfavorable, like voting against a law passed by the elected officials of the Lower House.

Rarely are laws stopped in the Senate, so if enough provincial can be provided for single game sports betting, the law is likely to pass the Lower House, and then rubber stamped by the Canadian Senate. So, the $10 billion that is currently being wagered on illegal sports betting that goes to offshore casinos and organized crime syndicates can now be controlled by the Canadian government, and they will also reap the extra revenue benefits as a result.

The Truth about 5 Card Stud Poker

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There is no other better strategy to play 5 card stud poker at all competitive levels than understanding the basics and rules of the game. However, for people who want to play the game at professional levels can use the following strategies to make the most out of the 5 card stud poker game.

Five card stud is mostly a game of PAIRS and HIGH CARDS. The main thing you need to remember while playing 5 card studs is avoid playing for flushes and straights unless you think you are lucky enough to get into a straight or a flush on the fourth or have the three cards to a straight flush on Third Street. The second strategy that you can use is to pay close attention to the how each of the players on the table plays. Start playing either with a pair or with a minimum of one live card that is enough to beat the board.

It is better to fold if you don’t have a pair in the first three cards or don’t have a good draw to the best hand and are beaten on the board.
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