Underage Gambling in Australia

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Gambling is undoubtedly an entrenched part of Australian culture. Significant research has ben carried out in this area in recent years, as concerns grow about the impact of all forms of gambling on the fabric of Australian society.

Some recent research found that over $18 billion is wagered by Australians every year, which is around $1500 per capita, while around 70% of Australia’s population is thought to engage in some form of betting activity every year. This rate is much higher than in other developed countries, such as New Zealand, Canada and the US, with pokies being by far the most popular form of gambling in Australia.

Of particular and growing concern is the rate of underage gambling in Australia. The most recent research has shown that there are more problem gamblers in the 15 to 17 age group than amongst adults, with a significant proportion of Australian problem gamblers aged between 18 and 30.

The rise of online gambling is considered to have contributed significantly to these figures; Australians are estimated to wager close to $1 billion online each year, with industry reports suggesting that the market is expanding by as much as 10-20% annually.

Internet gambling sites operated from Australia are prohibited from accepting Australian players, but there is no restriction on Australians accessing international sites. Some observers believe that this has led to an increase in underage gambling, claiming that sites that are unregulated in Australia are not undertaking the necessary age verification checks that prevent underage players from playing at online casinos. For more info go to trusted sites like the AussieCasinoGambling Homepage

However, the perception that the entire online gaming industry is negligent when it comes to preventing underage gambling is not a wholly accurate one. Despite being operated from outside of Australia, online casinos are nevertheless subject to regulation, both by the gaming authorities of the jurisdictions from which they operate and by independent accreditation agencies, and these certify as to the effectiveness and fairness of their operations, including their responsible gambling policies.

Therefore, it’s possible for Australian players to find online casinos that have responsible gaming policies and practices that are equal to those in place in land-based establishments. Online directory sites for instance, only list casinos that are accredited by a third-party testing agency and have responsible gambling policies in place that prevent underage players from accessing their sites.

For parents concerned about their children accessing online casino sites, it is also possible to download software that prevents this;

Overall, therefore, while there are rightly concerns about the incidence of underage gambling in Australia, there are wider societal issues that need to be addressed alongside of scrutiny of the online gaming industry. If legislators are serious about tackling this perceived problem, then the prevalence of betting in mainstream Australian culture needs to be examined closely as well.
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