How to Protect Your Money at a Casino

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Though there is no guarantee that your money will be safe from the clutches of the House, you can easily keep your money safe from the thieves and pickpockets who want to grab your money and run. However, in order to do that, you will need to remember and implement the following tips and tricks.

Always Carry a Wallet, Purse or Bag

Though the ideal scenario is to leave your moneybags in your car and room to avoid overspending, you will be leaving behind the only thing which can save your money. If you think that the temptation of your wallet will be too high, tag along a female friend and keep your money in her purse. After all, women are not as greedy as men. On the other hand, if you can exercise control, keep your wallet in your front pocket or place your bag on the table in front of you and protect it.Women gamblers should keep their purses close and never put themon table while drinking or playing as thieves can make them disappear within nanoseconds.

Organize Your Chips

It is very common for someone to come up to you to show off their hand tricks and deprive you of a few chips.So, in addition to avoiding that ploy, make sure to put your expensive chips in the center and the rest on both sides. It is tough to steal chips that are placed right in front of you. If you’re a regular gambler, consider buying a chip rack since it helps you to better organize your chips.

Play with Credit or Travelers’ Check

Most casinos offer credit that can be returned within 45 days through a bank transaction.With this, you will be spared of the hassles of bringing cash to casinos. Besides, applying for credit is easy since all you need is to fill an application and wait for a quick approval. Your second substitute is travelers’ checks. These offer you the benefit of claiming all your money in case they’re stolen. However, both of these are perfect for those who can control their whims. So, if you tend to become addicted, don’t use these.

Use Security Boxes and Guards

If you’re staying at the comfortable Europa casino and have a fat sum of money on you, don’t leave it in your room. It is better to put it ina security box and take out limited amounts to play with. On the other hand, if you enjoy living big and want to spend massive wads of cash, ask for security guards to escort you. You can also ask for guards if you won big, so don’t hesitate to call them over.

Beware of “Accidental” Bumps and Spills

If anyone bumps into you, touches you or spills their drink on you, the first thing you should do is look for your wallet and chip rack. These are the most common tricks that thieves use to divert your attention and then take away your money or chips. So be careful of strangers in order to protect your money.

Ride the Elevator Alone

Joining strangers in an elevator after a big win is risky business. If you feel uncomfortable with one of the people in the lift, don’t step in and wait for it to return empty. In case the elevators are too crowded, head upstairs or downstairs with a security guard.

Let the Valet Do his Work

If you won amazing sums at the tables or slots, avoid going into the parking lot by yourself. Most thieves will be lurking outside in the dark to hurt you and steal your money. So, invest an addition $5 to $10 for your safety and go for valet parking.

You may believe that some of these tips are extreme, but you have no idea how common theft is in casinos these days. So, be safe or else bear with dire consequences.

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