What Type of Poker Player Are You?

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If you are one of the avid poker players, playing the game for fun or to risk the possibility of earning real cash, then you probably belong to one of the types of poker players. There are millions of players worldwide working so hard to master and enjoy poker. To become a better player when playing at any casino online, you have to know the types of poker players and decide whether in what type do you fit. There are 4 types of poker player – the Chameleon, Loose aggressive, Loose passive, Tight aggressive and the Tight passive. So, what type of poker player are you?

1. Loose aggressive

The loose aggressive players frequently raise and bet and loves to play many hands. Pro poker players commonly use this type of strategy in big tournaments for greater success. However, loose aggressive players have high risks of losing a lot of money especially if used by inexperienced players.
Strengths: make opponents wrongly assume, great bluffs, difficult to read, very intimidating. Weaknesses: high risk of losing quickly.

2. Loose passive

The Loose passive players rarely raise and bet but, they players a lot of opening hands. This style of play usually used by beginners. Loose passive players do not bet when they hit the flop for they’re afraid of loosing the opponents chance of betting and fold. They usually call for bets when miss the flop or every time their opponent bluffing. It is a slow but sure gaming strategy.
Strengths: can make the opponent aggravate, difficult to read, good at slow gaming Weaknesses: impossible to make great profits in online poker, weak betting patterns, susceptible to chillers

3. Tight Aggressive

This type of player has a very strong betting pattern or playing style. These players are very powerful and usually used as playing style by many professional players in great casinos in Vegas.
Strengths: conservative, very consistent, very intimidating. Weaknesses: very easy to bluff and to read.

4. Tight passive

This is the weakest style of all four. They could be a powerful rival against aggressive players.
Strengths: very conservative, good at slow gaming. Weaknesses: very easy to read, easy to bluff and bully, usually surpass the most.

5. Chameleon This is the strongest style and very hard to read. It's always changing and powerful in both tournament play and cash game. Only a few players belong to this type for it is very challenging to master. Chameleon players are intellectual, have a good memory, photographic memories and very strong intuition.
Strengths: always changing, hardest to read, very adaptive, best at the bluffs and slow playing, very intimidating.
Weaknesses: extremely hard to master.

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