How to diagnose the condition of Gambling Addiction

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The process of diagnosing a problem is important. This is mainly because; a person will not be able to treat the disorder if the problem is not properly diagnosed. The same thing applies for gambling addiction, which is a disorder affecting millions of Americans.

The first step involved in the diagnosis of gambling addiction is the a thorough physical as well as psychological evaluation, which helps to know whether a person is really suffering from a gambling addiction.

After this, a doctor examines all the symptoms of a patient. For this, the patient doctor asks various questions to the patient. Some of the questions, which the doctors ask to the people suffering from gambling addiction include:

• How much money you spend on gambling activities?
• Since when are you involved in gambling activities?
• What are the ways through which you finance your gambling activities?
• Do you have irresistible urges to gambling?

These were some of the questions, which doctors ask while diagnosing the problem of gambling addiction. It doesn't matter weather you play online poker or online baccarat, or even live roulette, Based on these answers, the doctors determine whether a person is suffering from a gambling addiction, and follow through with the treatment.

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