The Truth about 5 Card Stud Poker

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There is no other better strategy to play 5 card stud poker at all competitive levels than understanding the basics and rules of the game. However, for people who want to play the game at professional levels can use the following strategies to make the most out of the 5 card stud poker game.

Five card stud is mostly a game of PAIRS and HIGH CARDS. The main thing you need to remember while playing 5 card studs is avoid playing for flushes and straights unless you think you are lucky enough to get into a straight or a flush on the fourth or have the three cards to a straight flush on Third Street. The second strategy that you can use is to pay close attention to the how each of the players on the table plays. Start playing either with a pair or with a minimum of one live card that is enough to beat the board.

It is better to fold if you don’t have a pair in the first three cards or don’t have a good draw to the best hand and are beaten on the board.
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