What are the effects of Gambling Addiction?

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Gambling addiction can cause a complete devastation of a person suffering from this unique disorder. Even though one third of people suffering from gambling addiction are able to recover from the disorder the effect of the disease on that person cannot be ignored. Gambling addiction can cause many problems in the life of a person suffering from the disorder. Numbers indicate that domestic violence and child abuse is highest in families of people with this unique disorder. There is also surge in the number of behavior problems and substance abuse in the families of people with this disorder. In addition, children of problem gamblers (people suffering from gambling addiction) are most likely to suffer from depression. This shows that the person suffering from gambling addiction causes a lot problem to his/her family as well and hence a remedy for this is complete treatment of the disorder. There are several treatment options available, which help a person to get rid of the gambling addiction. It is up to the person to decide how much gambling is too much and refrain from engaging in excessive gambling activities especially if he/she is on a losing streak.

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