How to know if you suffer from gambling addiction

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Many people suffering from gambling addiction never accept the fact that they suffer from gambling addiction. This is mainly because they are unaware of the fact that excessive gambling can lead to gambling addiction. If you are also one of those people then here are some things that will help you to know whether you are really suffering from gambling addiction. People who usually suffer from gambling addiction mostly take off to engage in gambling activities such as sports bets, playing online poker and others. If you lie that you don’t visit betting shops frequently or play gambling sports on the Internet when you actually do then you are suffering from gambling addiction. Some of the people who engage in gambling activities despite losing regularly are also categorized into gambling addicts. Do your loved ones tell you to stop your gambling activities as you are doing it quite frequently? If you answer this question in the affirmative then you must know that you are suffering gambling addiction. These were some of the things, which you need to notice in yourself, as it will help you to know whether you are really a gambling addict or not.

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