Tired of Losing in Poker ? Switch to Bingo, Now.

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Some facts about bingo which the average poker player doesn't know:

Every one of us loves to play bingo. This is mainly because of all the fun and excitement that comes while playing the game. However, have you ever wondered about the genesis of this game? If no, then following facts about bingo will help you to have some basic knowledge about the game which all of us like to play:

• The game of bingo was first played by the French. The French were the first to use the bingo playing cards, reading the numbers out loud and use the tokens.

• As many as eight percent of the world population plays bingo

• Females comprise a larger part of world population who play bingo. As many as 10 percent of the women population and 5% of the men population play bingo

• There is a ‘caller of the year competition’ wherein the bingo callers compete against each other for a two-week holiday.

• Hollywood celebrities are also fond of bingo. Some Hollywood celebrities who love to play bingo include Robbie Williams, Catherine Zeta Jones and Denise Van Outen.

These were some of the basic facts about the game bingo. The main part of bingo is that it doesn’t involve any kind of betting but is still fun to play.
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