Are you gambling responsibly? Check your habits against this list.

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Gambling is fun. There is a high and a thrill that comes with winning. And it is made so much better when you have experienced the low of losing. Legal gambling is more accessible than ever with the rise of online casinos. The key to make sure gambling stays fun is to do it in moderation. Here are a few pointers to keep you gambling in check. Establish these habits now and keep your online casino play the entertaining hobby it is meant to be.

Moderation is Key

• Check yourself – Are you gambling for fun? Be honest with yourself when answering this question. If you are gambling for a high or it’s not an impulse you can control you need to get accountability for your reasons for gambling.

• Set and Keep to your Limits – Set and stick to limits and controls you put on yourself to keep your casino time in check.

• Budget a specific amount of money per week to gamble with. Only spend that amount. For online gambling, get a separate bank card which it limited to that amount.

• Ask someone else to help you with managing your money. Another person can provide valuable accountability with how much you spend.

• When gambling give credit cards or other bank cards to someone you trust so you don’t overspend.

• Set up auto payments for your most important expenses so the money is automatically withdrawn and doesn’t give you a false sense of what it available.

If you have tried the above list and still struggle with keeping the money you spend on blackjack within limits it might be time to consider additional help. Look at the list below and see if gambling is getting out of control for you.

Signs of Gambling Addiction

1. Spending more money than you can afford when gambling online or traditionally.
2. Losing track of time or spending more time than you should on gambling.
3. Being unable to manage, limit or stop gambling.
4. Find yourself arguing with family, friends and loved ones about money and gambling.
5. Borrowing money from friends, family, loved ones or co-workers for gambling or to cover other expenses due to gambling.
6. Constantly thinking or talking about gambling.
7. Covering up, lying about or hiding your gambling habits from others.
8. Gambling to win back what you’ve lost or to get out of financial hardship.
9. Gambling until you have NO money left.
10. Selling stuff or not paying bills so you can gamble
11. Not feeling the high or excitement that used to come with gambling and need to make to stakes higher to achieve the same feeling.
12. Neglecting all the relationships in your life because you spend so much time gambling, thinking about gambling or finding money to gamble
13. Feeling anxiety, depression, worry, guilt or irritability regarding your life and gambling.

It doesn’t matter the game, roulette, blackjack, poker online casinos or traditional casinos, responsible gambling is the best way to have fun. Find where to play safe and responsible at a handy resource to discover trustable online gambling platforms.
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