Canadian government taking steps to legalize single game betting

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It is estimated that approximately $10 billion is spent by Canadian citizens on sports betting, and none of it is actually controlled by the government. While there is a legal sports lottery in the country that Canadians can bet on, it only totals about $450 million in wagers. A law to strike down the current statutes could change all that.

A bill introduced by a member of the Canadian Lower House of Parliament was introduced in late September 2011 that would strike down the current law that bans single game sports betting. Once the Lower House votes their approval, it would be passed onto the Upper House (Canadian Senate).

Unlike in the United States, where the Senate membership is voted on, senators in Canada are generally appointed by the Prime Minister as favors granted. An appointment in the Canadian Senate can literally last a lifetime, unless someone does something unfavorable, like voting against a law passed by the elected officials of the Lower House.

Rarely are laws stopped in the Senate, so if enough provincial can be provided for single game sports betting, the law is likely to pass the Lower House, and then rubber stamped by the Canadian Senate. So, the $10 billion that is currently being wagered on illegal sports betting that goes to offshore casinos and organized crime syndicates can now be controlled by the Canadian government, and they will also reap the extra revenue benefits as a result.
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