What are the causes of Gambling Addiction?

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Many people who wonder on why people gamble, it is important to note is there is no specific cause that leads a person to develop gambling addiction or pathological gambling. Just like other emotional conditions, gambling addiction is too a result of a combination of biological vulnerabilities and social stresses.

There are some elements, which increase the chances of an individual to develop the disorder. Some of the causes that may lead to gambling addiction are discussed below:

Mood problems, schizophrenia, alcohol or cocaine addiction and antisocial personality disorder are some of the risk factors that increase the chances of a person to develop gambling addiction. It is also believed that people having lower levels of serotonin in the brain posses a higher risk of developing gambling addiction as compared to those having normal levels of serotonin in their brain.

Though these were some of the risk factors, which increase the chances of a person developing gambling addiction, it is vital to note that there is no known or specific cause for gambling addiction. In addition, person needs to show a minimum of five symptoms to be considered to be suffering from gambling addiction. For people who don't sufferfrom addiction, here is some more info on betting online safely: For American casino players looking to play casino games online their best bet is to review this list of the top US online casinos for 2012 with exclusive bonuses. For players from Canada you should check out Casino Guide Canada for the best Canadian online casinos review and bonus news.

Costa Bingo is a Safe Gamble for Players

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Costa Bingo is one of the UK’s leading online bingo sites and prides itself on its responsible attitude to gaming. Since its launch in June 2009, Costa Bingo has always supported Gamcare, the leading provider of advice and free counselling for the treatment of problem gambling. At Costa Bingo, players can be sure of having fun in a friendly and supportive environment, with minimal or no risk to their own money.

Costa Bingo encourages players to take responsibility for their gaming and only to gamble within their means. With all bingo games low cost at the site or even free, players can have fun without risking any substantial sum of money.

Costa Bingo is the free bingo pioneer and players can enjoy no-risk gaming at Costa with free bingo games available 24/7. With these, players can enjoy playing at the site without risking any money – and still have the chance to win real cash.

To give players even better value for money, the site also offers players generous bonuses, to ensure that players can play with free money wherever possible and keep with own money safely in their pockets.

Costa Bingo is about fun and friendship as well as bingo – and this caring community atmosphere extends to the company itself and its attitude to players and their money. Costa always ensures players are fully aware of the costs of any game, the winnings available and any other important financial considerations. This responsible attitude is also apparent in the financial transactions players undertake at Costa Bingo. Players can be sure every payment or withdrawal is safe and secure with all transactions protected using the latest encryption technology.

Players who are vulnerable to gambling addiction are taken special care of at Costa, with a friendly and supportive customer service team available 24/7. The site always treats customer care as a top priority and Costa will contact a player if it feels they need special attention with any potential gambling problem.

With free bingo games available all day every day with real cash prizes, free money given away in bonuses and a responsible and caring community atmosphere, players can feel sure that playing at Costa Bingo is a safe gamble for bingo fans.

How to help a person with gambling addiction

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If you know someone who is suffering from gambling addiction and you want him/her to come out of the gambling addition then you can try the following ways to get him/her out of the gambling addiction. Most gambling addicts refuse to admit that they are gambling addicts. However, in such a case, you need to talk to them and tell them the consequences of excessive gambling. Tell them how they are losing their hard-earned money by losing it in gambling activities. Many of the gambling addicts feel like ending their life mostly because they feel guilty about losing money in the gambling activities. In such a case, you need to talk to them and tell them that this is not the end of the world and they can start their life in a new way and can prevent themselves in engaging into gambling activities in the future. The best thing to do to deal with gambling addicts is to communicate with them and understand the exact problem they have and advise them about how they can get rid of their problem by controlling themselves and limiting their betting activities.

Why getting into online betting in the first Place ?

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Internet has provided a lot of earning opportunities to many people. The same thing applies for betting on sports. The following are some of reasons why it is better to get into the online sports betting world.

It helps to get a better deal-
The main advantage that comes with getting into online sports betting is it provides a better deal to the bettors by eliminating the intermediaries’ intervention, which is quite common in other modes of betting. It also allows the bettors to stay away from the tactics of the bookmakers, which are mostly selfish in nature.

The other benefiting of getting into online sports betting is the bettors can bet on the odds. This means that bettors can places bets not just for winning but also for losing. The bettors can select the odds of their own choice and as per the personal judgments.

Glossary of Blackjack and Why it's Important

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To master any game it is important for a player to understand the basic concepts and terms that are used in the game. The same thing applies for Blackjack. For those who are new to blackjack the following glossary guide will prove to be helpful.

• Action: It is a general gambling term that refers to the money bet in a certain period. For instance, six bets of $5 each is $30 of action in Blackjack.

• Back line: It refers to the wager among players. The bettors are mostly called the back-liners and mostly practice back lining.

• Bust out: This means to leave a game as a result of losing an entire stake

• Deal: The deal refers to giving out of cards during a hand

• House: The house refers to the casino

• Second dealing: This refers to a technique usually cheating especially when the dealer deals a second and not the first card.

• Settlement: It is the payout of the bet received at the end of a hand.

• Tough Player: This refers to a player who can hurt the casino money wise with his/her intelligent play. In short, a tough player refers to a superior Blackjack player.
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