Responsible Gaming for Bingo Players

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When it comes to playing bingo online, it is easy to forget that bingo is also a forming of gambling. Responsible gaming means staying in control while having fun on your favourite sites. We asked the team of Online Bingo, casino and bingo review site to share with us their top tips for How to Bet Online and being a responsible player. Being a responsible player will ensure you enjoy your time more and keep your spending under control.

So how can you be more responsible?

Set Gaming Limits

Most reputable and trusted sites today make it easy for you to set daily, weekly and monthly deposit limits. Basically, you can limit yourself so that you never go over your comfort level. This might be $20 or £20 per week or $500 / £500. All up to you and how much you are comfortable with.

Account Cool Off

Sites that take responsible gaming seriously also make it easy for their players to request account cool off - this means, you can take a break from the site for a specific period of time. Once you request this, you won't be able to login to your account for the specified period.

Be Aware of Your Limits

For some, playing bingo becomes a problem and it's always good to keep these points in mind:

  • Never gamble under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Do not play bingo to recover your losses or chase a particular pay off ... the house always win
  • Never gamble if it interferes with your daily responsibilities to family, friends and work

Getting Further Help
Fortunately, there are communities and organisations that can also help if you find yourself in trouble or feel as if you're developing a problem with gambling.

  • Excellent tip on how to protect yourself from playing online bingo
  • Gamble Aware
  • GamCare
  • GamAid
  • Gamblers Anonymous
  • Gambling Therapy
  • Google Family Safety - an excellent tool that helps you block sites

Hopefully you found the above tips valuable. check out for more information about responsible gambling.

Which are The Largest Las Vegas Land Based Casino Architectures?

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Las Vegas the land of casinos and gambling unlimited boasts some of the largest land based casinos and their architecture is simply splendid to look at. As you go through their designs and layouts you realize that each of the casino designs was formed with some specific themes in mind.

The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, being a five diamond luxury hotel and casino resort is located on the eastern part of the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. Architected by KlingStubbins, the hotel tower features a whopping 36 stories and rises to approx. 475 ft. Owned and operated by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, the hotel draws its inspiration from the Perth, Australia and showcases, Venetian landmarks like Palazzo Ducale, Piazzeta di San Marco, Piazza San Marco, the Lion of Venice Column, the St. Theodore Column, St Mark’s Campanile and the Rialto Bridge to name some.

Another casino with an equally appealing architecture and layout is The Sands Macao nestled in the Peninsula. This casino with 51 lavishly done suites and a huge casino is a real treat for the architecture lovers. The Wynn in Las Vegas is the ideal destination for the players looking to chill out and enjoy the plush interiors of the casino as they try their hands in some of the most lucrative games.

The MGM Grand, Las Vegas is another place you mustn’t miss out if you are looking to enjoy some great games and grand interiors as well. The splendid setup and the opulent interiors of The Bellagio, Las Vegas is sure to exude a mind blowing effect and the wide array of games and slots is something you just cannot resist.

This is in fact, considered to be among the leading luxurious casinos in Las Vegas and with the interiors inspired from the Lake Como resort of Bellagio, Italy, this hotel and casino is known undoubtedly for its class, style and elegance. The botanical gardens, pools and the sprawling courtyards, give the perfect feeling of being close to the nature.

Explore the amazing world of the beautiful and glamorous land based Las Vegas casinos as their exuberant architecture and interiors create the perfect the ambiance for people to enjoy their games and stay relaxed at the same time.

You can also try out other trusted virtual online casinos like Golden Riviera clicking on this link.

Even live casinos have introduced online slots!

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Why do you think live casinos have decided to introduce online slots? Well, they have already realized the increased number of followers that seem to prefer online casinos instead of their drive-bys. Whatever the case, you need to have some ideas about online slots, their popularity and why they are transitioning from live casinos all the way to online casinos. Slot machines are quite useful among gamblers though just like some other chance and luck games, they are tricky and the user must have used it several times before he or she gets better at it. Just make sure you play at a reputable sites, after you read reviews and players experience. For instance iron man i one of the best. for review on iron man read more here. you can also read and play Hulk here which is also great.

Those who already understand the functioning of the slots machines, the availability of one button, and three reels among other small features make up this amazing gambling tool. The tool is a currency detector and sometimes your quarter can make a huge difference by helping you access those other quarters that were inaccessible. The point is that the coins accumulate as players try out their lucks and thus why up to this time, slots machines have been reviewed as some of the machines generating up to seventy percent of the overall casino income.

While the first invention of the slots machines that have been remodeled to take up the shapes and designs of the modern age are available in live casinos, the online slots are quite popular, these virtual machines perform the same tasks performed by the traditional slots through the aid of a special software and by generating random patterns, your chances to win are determined. Although you can play online slots for fun, according to different opinions, playing for money and other fabulous prizes would be a lot better than just playing for fun and meeting new friends every day. If you are an independent gambler who likes privacy on slot machines, online slots can help you with that.

How bingo has developed

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Millions of people from all over the world play the fun, simple game of bingo. Plenty of people go out to bingo halls to get together for a game, while plenty more are huge fans of online bingo, which has become extremely popular in recent years. But was it always like this? Let’s take a look at the history of bingo to see how it has developed into the game that we all know and love today.

The story started a long time ago, in Italy. Specifically, it started way back in the 1500s where a game started to take shape that was similar in some ways to the Italian National Lottery of the time. This was what led to the creation of bingo, although it wasn’t called bingo back then.

The Italians had the game to themselves for a while, but gradually it started to become elsewhere in Europe, notably in France and Great Britain. There the game started to become more popular and eventually, the game found its way across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States of America – but it still wasn’t called bingo!

For quite a while, the game was popularly referred to as ‘beano’. This was a reference to the beans that were normally used by players to mark the numbers on their cards during games. In fact, it wasn’t until 1929 that the word ‘bingo’ was first used, when someone called out the wrong word in their excitement at winning a card. The name stuck and started to be used much more widely.

Since then, the game has stayed largely the same although there are regional variations as to how it is played. For example, while the US version of the game includes 75 numbers, if you play a game of bingo in Europe, it will usually have 90 numbers. However, you can play both versions in most places these days, which helps to add variety to the game.

Something else that helped to add variety to the game was the development of online bingo in the twenty-first century. As the internet has become more popular, online bingo sites have also won themselves many fans. It is possible to play pretty much every version of bingo that you can think of online, and some sites such as Fabulous Bingo also offer additional features, such as other games and communities to help people feel more involved.

You might think that the rise of online bingo has led to a decline in people playing the game in the ‘real world’, but so far this doesn’t seem to be the case. It is still hugely popular and is played in a wide range of venues, from formal bingo halls to church halls and other casual events. It seems that people still like the social aspect of the game that helped to make it popular all those years ago, and so online and offline bingo are able to sit alongside each other very comfortably.

Let’s hope that the next 500 years are as good as the first.

Smoking and Bingo: Incompatible Addictions

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If history is any indicator, bingo and smoking bans do not mix well. In Great Britain, a smoking ban was imposed in 2007, and a study made at the time showed that about 63% of all bingo players smoked. A BBC article written just after the smoking ban was implemented asked the question; will the smoking ban Kill Bingo Halls? The article pointed out that the bingo industry in the UK employed about 20,000 people and generated billions in revenues annually.

After the ban was imposed, bad news piled up, and reports of bingo hall closures came in from every part of the UK. In Scotland 10, bingo halls closed shortly after the ban was enforced. Mike Lowe, manager of Premier Bingo in Kirkcaldy, said that between games about 40% of his customers leave the hall to smoke – which causes a significant drop in profits. Lowe told the BBC, “When you look at a loss of around 40% of your bottom line, that's devastating, and I'm not sure as operators where we move from here.”

British bingo halls are not the only ones pressured by smoking bans. On the other side of the Atlantic, a Veteran’s of Foreign Wars post reported a significant drop in players after the implementation of a smoking ban after post members voted to go smoke free – affecting online bingo in serious ways. Since Kentucky is a tobacco producing state the state has resisted the national trend to impost statewide smoking bans. Two veterans’ organizations in Bowling Green Kentucky resisted a city wide smoking ban but after several citations by local police voted to ban smoking on the premises.

In Ohio a Catholic Parochial school may be forced to raise tuition and cut back on some programs after a statewide smoking ban was imposed. In states with smoking bans in place charities and veteran’s groups using bingo as a fundraising tool have reported diminished attendance at games and in many cases the organizations have been forced to end their bingo games.

There is one industry that has actually benefitted from smoking bans. Online bingo operators in the UK reported an 80% increase in player numbers shortly after the national ban was enforced. Increased broadband access in the country and faster computer speeds offered instant access to exciting online bingo games for former land based players. Bingo players who are smokers can happily puff away in the privacy of their own homes while playing their favorite game.

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