Online Casinos Against Gambling Addiction

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For many people, gambling is a pleasant and relaxing way to spend time and money. However, in some cases gambling my become a problem. Ludomania, or problem gambling, is a desire to constantly gamble despite the poor outcomes or negative personal and social consequences . Those people who experience any five of the following symptoms may be classified as addictive gamblers:

Tolerance--the person is not satisfied with the regular amount of gambling experiences ,and needs more and more additional gambling

Preoccupation--the person often thinks about gambling and dreams of spending all spare time gambling

Withdrawal--the person becomes irritable and short-tempered when tries to quit or reduce amount of gambling experiences

Chasing--the person gambles more hoping to compensate for the loses and win more money

Escape--the person gambles to escape the problems in personal and social life

Loss of control--the person cannot control amount of gambling

Lying--the person tries to hide the passion for gambling

Illegal acts--the person violates the law in order to obtain money for gambling

Bailout--the person seeks financial help at the third party, such as family, friends or pawn shops, to compensate for the losses and continue gambling.

Risked significant relationship--the person gambles despite the risk of losing any significant relationships

Some casinos use aggressive promoting strategies to engage as many problematic gamblers as possible. However, many online casinos commit to responsible gambling and try to help problem gamblers as much as they can. They give an option to limit the balance that can be wagered during one gambling session, refer problem gamblers to the various organizations, such as GamCare or Gamblers Anonymous, and provide an opportunity for players to self-exclude form the casino.

In case the player wants to know in advance whether the online casino provides support to problem gamblers, they should take a look at the online casino reviews in the database. For those casinos that care about gamblers, there is a tag 'Gambler Support' in the 'Ownership and Associations' tab of the review. Those online casinos that have a tag 'Parental Control' also refer the players to various filtering systems that may be installed on the personal computer to protect family members who are under the legal age from accessing the casinos and other unwanted materials. Overall, there are 419 casinos that offer Gambler Support and 158 casinos that recommend Parental Control systems out of 670 online casinos reviewed. Good casinos such a Coral Casino offer both options.
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