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Playing UK bingo is part of the culture. Everyone knows someone who loves the excitement of sitting in a bingo hall with their friends, full of excitement and waiting with bated breath to see if their numbers come up. However, the last decade has seen the advent of online websites where you can play many different versions of bingo. These sites are rapidly growing in popularity, but why are they so popular?

Anyone can play UK online bingo
Bingo sites are for everyone, regardless of age, class or financial status. The only requirement is that you are 18 years or older. UK bingo is classed as gambling, which carries a legal minimum of 18. All websites will ask you for your date of birth and verification if you win.

Bingo is fun!
Everyone gets a buzz from playing on UK bingo sites. The choice of games is amazing as seen online. Gone are the days when there was just one basic game to play. Now you can find a myriad of games, with names such as Deal or No Deal, Treasure Island, Life of Brian, the list goes on and on. Not only that, most sites also have slot games that you can play if you want a change from bingo.

Great bingo prizes on offer
UK bingo sites offer some fabulous prizes. The most popular one is obviously cash, and you can win a few pounds up to hundreds or even a few thousand pounds. Not only can you win money, but many sites also offer holidays as prizes, so you could find yourself sunning yourself on a beach in Cancun, all expenses paid, just for the price of a ticket.

Incentives to play online
This market is very competitive and the many different UK bingo sites are constantly competing against each other trying to attract new customers as well as keep the customers they already have. So, most sites will offer an attractive incentive to encourage you to join. This is normally in the form of free cash to play with. So perhaps they might give you £20 to start playing or give you £35 if you deposit £10. Other incentives you can find are two tickets for the price of one and there are also some games that are totally free to play.

Online help
Whilst most UK bingo sites are very easy to navigate, most have a “live chat” facility, so if you do have any questions whilst using the site, all you have to do is press the button and a real person will be available for you to chat with and answer any queries you may have. A bonus for all you technophobes out there.

Meet your fellow players
Another great feature of UK bingo sites is the “chat room”. These are a great place to talk and chat to your fellow players, comparing notes, sharing your good news when you have won and commiserating when you haven’t.
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