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How bingo has developed

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Millions of people from all over the world play the fun, simple game of bingo. Plenty of people go out to bingo halls to get together for a game, while plenty more are huge fans of online bingo, which has become extremely popular in recent years. But was it always like this? Let’s take a look at the history of bingo to see how it has developed into the game that we all know and love today.

The story started a long time ago, in Italy. Specifically, it started way back in the 1500s where a game started to take shape that was similar in some ways to the Italian National Lottery of the time. This was what led to the creation of bingo, although it wasn’t called bingo back then.

The Italians had the game to themselves for a while, but gradually it started to become elsewhere in Europe, notably in France and Great Britain. There the game started to become more popular and eventually, the game found its way across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States of America – but it still wasn’t called bingo!

For quite a while, the game was popularly referred to as ‘beano’. This was a reference to the beans that were normally used by players to mark the numbers on their cards during games. In fact, it wasn’t until 1929 that the word ‘bingo’ was first used, when someone called out the wrong word in their excitement at winning a card. The name stuck and started to be used much more widely.

Since then, the game has stayed largely the same although there are regional variations as to how it is played. For example, while the US version of the game includes 75 numbers, if you play a game of bingo in Europe, it will usually have 90 numbers. However, you can play both versions in most places these days, which helps to add variety to the game.

Something else that helped to add variety to the game was the development of online bingo in the twenty-first century. As the internet has become more popular, online bingo sites have also won themselves many fans. It is possible to play pretty much every version of bingo that you can think of online, and some sites such as Fabulous Bingo also offer additional features, such as other games and communities to help people feel more involved.

You might think that the rise of online bingo has led to a decline in people playing the game in the ‘real world’, but so far this doesn’t seem to be the case. It is still hugely popular and is played in a wide range of venues, from formal bingo halls to church halls and other casual events. It seems that people still like the social aspect of the game that helped to make it popular all those years ago, and so online and offline bingo are able to sit alongside each other very comfortably.

Let’s hope that the next 500 years are as good as the first.

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