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Casinos are seen as mystical places by many; very few of us actually step through their doors and only see them on the big screen or in television series. Because of this we tend to shy away from casinos on the basis we don’t know what we should do when there. But there is a way to test out casinos for ourselves, to try them online; if you fancy this prospect then here are a few games you can expect awaiting you.

The slot machine in the online slot games section has to be the most iconic game in casino screen play. No film would be complete without a little old lady sat playing at the machine, either staring in wonder as the hero helps her win vast amounts or crying out and sending her tub of coins flying at the villains. To those of us who are unfamiliar with slot machines they work on the same principal as fruit machines: simply pop a coin in and pull the lever making three reels spin. As with pub fruit machines the object is to line up three matching symbols.

European roulette is another game no self-respecting casino film would dare not to include. This is very much a game of luck where high stakes can be won or lost in an instant. For all the mystery that surrounds roulette is it a very simple game - all you need to do is bet where the ball will land on. Blackjack is another famous casino game, but just like roulette the principals of the game are straight forward. This is primarily a game of luck with a bit of common sense included for good measure. For the uninitiated in casino life, blackjack is the card game ‘21’. Just like this game the aim of blackjack is to get a card combination that adds up to 21, but unlike ‘21’ in blackjack Kings, Queens and Jacks are worth 10 points and Aces are valued at either 11 or 1.

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