Causes of gambling addiction

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In reality, there is no one specific cause for gambling addiction. The disorder, which is also sometimes referred to as pathological gambling mostly occurs due increased activity of chemical messenger dopamine in the brain, which is regarded as the main culprit. Some of the emotional conditions, ways of thinking, social stressors and combination of biological vulnerabilities are considered one of the known causes for gambling addiction. Apart from these, there are certain elements that increase the chances of an individual of developing gambling addiction.

Some of these elements or risk factors that increase the chances of developing gambling addiction in an individual include mood problems, schizophrenia, alcohol or cocaine addiction, antisocial personality disorder and others. In addition, the chances of developing gambling addiction are higher in people who have low levels of serotonin in their brain. However, there is still no specific cause identified behind a person developing gambling addiction, the elements mentioned above are some of the risk factors and causes that may lead to gambling addiction in a person. People with all these characteristics are at a higher risk of developing this unique disorder known as gambling addiction. Also the online availability can enhance the problem, so weather one play poker, roulette, blackjack or monopoly online, he should always be aware of the risks involved, especially if he have the characteristics mention above.

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